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Evidence-Based Guidance on Wellness Solutions for 
Dogs, Cats, Horses, and Humans
Nano Technology

Anti-parasite tags are charged with special electromagnetic scalar waves and due to the permanent physical contact with your pet, a bio-resonance field is formed helping to repel fleas ticks & other parasites.

Non-toxic, Chemical Free
Pest Protection

Mosquitos, ticks, and fleas are more than just a nuisance.  These insects can transmit a host of diseases that can pose serious health threats to both people and the animals we love.

Light Therapy 
for Horses, Humans, & Pets


Avoid costly veterinary ailments before they arise.  LIGHT THERAPY has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to ALL living tissues with over 40 years of independent research worldwide,

Natural Hemp Supplements for People and Animals


Hemp oil has been reported to possibly improve the symptoms of many conditions including pain, anxiety, allergies, and GI Issues.


 Our supplements are manufactured under stringent practices using locally grown, organically farmed hemp. Finally, our finished products are independently tested by an outside lab to ensure the quality you can trust.

Keep Tabs on Your
Cat's Health


Cats are notorious for hiding illnesses, so it's often hard to tell if they are sick or in pain. PrettyLitter makes it easier for you to know if your cat is experiencing a potential health issue before urgent medical care is needed, saving you money, stress and potentially your cat's life.

Holistic Vitamins and Supplements for Dogs & Cats


High quality homeopathic and herbal supplements to help with joint health, skin and coat condition, digestive and behavioral issues, along with other health problems.  


The products we sell represent the most well-researched and effective nutritional supplements, homeopathic and herbal remedies available. Our manufacturers are strictly vetted to assure the highest quality for your pets.

Clean Air Solutions


Clean air provides a healthier environment for both animals and people by truly removing airborne contaminants that can aggregate asthma, allergies, heaves, bleeders, and other pulmonary issues.  

Ultrasonic Canine Toothbrush


Silent & motionless tartar removal that is

equally effective for all sizes of dogs.

Years of research and real-world

testing behind Mira-Pet have confirmed

that it is a product which has your pet's interests in mind.

Educated Guidance

Providing you with balanced information about products and services,

so you can make informed decisions in conjunction with your healthcare team.  

Pet MicroBiome Testing

Whether in tip-top shape or in need of some help, your pet’s gut microbiome is directly related to how they feel.


The Miss-Piggy Promise

When I first discovered Miss Piggy, she was emaciated, filthy, and infested with worms and fleas after being abandoned by a neighbor. The poor girl looked somewhat like a baby pot-bellied pig with short hair, short legs, short snout, a big belly and a tail that was only about 3 inches long. 
Miss Piggy was plagued by a series of strange health issues probably due to poor gut health and a weakened immune system brought on by her rough start as a puppy. However, she also seemed to always find herself in the middle of trouble.
In recent years, I’ve spent a lot of time learning about complementary therapies such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, and Chinese Herbs for animals.  When everything happened with Miss Piggy I had no idea that any of these options existed nor where to go for treatment.  If I were faced with the same conditions again, I would definitely make different choices and would do a lot more research before just following the traditional approach. 
My goal is to help pet owners make more informed decisions about both their own health and the health of their animals in the hope of avoiding the pain I felt with Miss Piggy.  That is my promise to you and your pet.

Meet Debbie Bayly

Welcome to Wellness Geek Solutions!

I'm Debbie Bayly and my goal is to help you make informed decisions about the products and services you may need for yourself or your pets. Growing up as an only child of a military family, rescuing and caring for pets was a constant in my life.  I currently share my home with Salty Dog, a Goldendoodle, and Pepper Pup, a Portuguese Water Dog.


Along with a lifelong love of animals, science has always held my fascination and even as a child I loved to examine things with my microscope.  Labeled a geek in school, science was one of the areas that I excelled, but since business was also an area that I enjoyed, I graduated from the College of William and Mary with a degree in marketing and management.

I spent 16 years as an award-winning pharmaceutical representative and another 5 years as an independent business owner selling medical devices, programs, and solutions to physicians.  This career path enabled me to put my fascination with science to good use all while helping physicians understand both the health benefits and the risks of the products I sold, so they could make informed decisions, rooted in science, about which patient should use which product.   In the pharmaceutical and medical world, this is a concept known as “fair balance” and it is one of the cornerstones of Wellness Geek Solutions.

As you can imagine, the world of medical sales is focused on making treatment decisions based on traditional medical and veterinary practices and scientific data that breeds a certain amount of skepticism towards complementary holistic approaches to health and wellness.  What many people fail to understand is that the rules and regulations placed on practitioners (veterinary and medical) and the representatives who sell to them can convey some pretty serious penalties for not sticking to what is “tried and true”.

For years I believed that in the absence of “hard science” that complementary therapies like chiropractic care, Acupuncture, herbal remedies, etc must be a bunch of hype.

In light of emerging evidence as well as hundreds of anecdotal stories that are now so easily shared via the internet, I am no longer a skeptic. I truly believe combining an integrated approach that uses the best in both complementary healing along with traditional medicine will provide a better outcome for the majority of people and animals.

I invite you to learn more about the products and services on this website by contacting me. I am eager to provide you with peace of mind, a "geek's" perspective, and the wellness that you seek!


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