At AnimalBiome, we love applying science to improve pet health for Cats and Dogs. Countless bacteria live in your pet’s gut, called the gut microbiome. Research has shown that a balanced gut microbiome is essential for pet health and longevity.

What Is Microbiome Testing

Microbiome testing is the process of sequencing bacterial genetic material from a small fecal sample. We can detect all known bacteria from your pet’s stool sample and then provide you with a comprehensive report.

Benefits of MicrobiomeTesting

‍Testing your pet’s microbiome provides insight into their gut health. Then imbalances in gut bacteria can be addressed to stop or prevent a number of chronic health conditions, including troublesome digestive disorders and skin conditions.

‍The AnimalBiome Microbiome Test Kit

When you purchase AnimalBiome Products, you support research to develop innovative, science-backed treatments for the millions of pets suffering from digestive disorders.  We provide everything you need to make testing your cat or dog simple (including gloves)!

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