Prevention is better than cure, and that is precisely what CatanDog’s is designed to achieve.  When attached to your pet’s collar, the tag brushes against the animal’s body and generates Scalar Waves a bio-resonant field that repels fleas, ticks, and other parasites.

Since CatanDog’s prevents – as opposed to killing – parasites, you should ensure that your pet is pest free before attaching the disc. A proprietary chemical treatment or an anti-parasitic shampoo is recommended at the time the tag is attached to the collar. This ensures the pet is parasite free during the period it takes for the tag to become effective.

24/7 Protection

Designed to protect your pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the CatanDog’s tag is chemical free, non-toxic and completely safe for all cats and dogs including sick, pregnant and micro-chipped animals.  It is also water resistant, including salt water, and unaffected by x-rays.

Effective for up to 2 years

Once attached, the disc’s bio-resonant field will be activated within 7-21 days and will remain effective for up to 2 years. If the disc is removed and reattached a further period of 7-21 days should be allowed for the bio-resonant field to regenerate. After 2 years the disc should be replaced with a new, fully charged disc. The 2-year effectiveness of the Tag results in a saving of approximately 75% in costs compared to the traditional, dangerous, chemical treatments.

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