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Mira-Pet is solving the #1 health problem of dogs. It's a fact that 80% of all dogs over the age of three, suffer from periodontitis, the inflammation of the gums due to tartar build-up. Caring for your dog's gums is vital to preventing periodontitis and prolonging their health. The Dog Toothbrush cleans the upper and lower jaw area in as little as 45 – 60 seconds, killing bacteria and minimizing/eliminating the formation of tartar.

Prolong the life of your dog by improving their oral health care.
  • Deep cleaning and tartar removal

  • Cleans where bristles cannot reach

  • Reduces gum inflammation

  • Without risk of anesthesia at the vet

  • Cleans without movement, vibration or noise

  • Reduces mouth odor

  • cleans with air oscillations

  • no movement or vibration

  • reaches deep into gums

  • antibacterial effect

  • improves blood circulation

  • no abrasive particles

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