Have you tried Infrared Light Therapy for yourself, your horse, or your pets?  At RevitaVet, we educate people on the benefits of infrared therapy.  We provide a non-invasive and easy to use therapy, preventive maintenance and rehabilitation.

  • Excellent Therapy On All Animals & Humans

  • Promotes Healing By More Than 50%

  • Reduces Inflammation & Relieves Pain

  • Stimulates Acupuncture Points

  • Raises Performance Levels Without Medications

  • Works On The Cellular Level

  • Fights Infection On Open Wounds

  • Non-Invasive & No Known Side Effects

  • Works Well With Other Modalities

  • Portable, Safe And Easy To Use

  • Reduces Medical Bills

Ankle Saver


The Ankle Saver is a flexible neoprene product that allows for hands-free treatment of the ankle or fetlock joint.  The Ankle Saver is self-contained and independent, runs on three “AA” batteries and does not connect to the RevitaVet™ main system.

Back Saver


Self-contained, stand-alone and non-invasive, the BackSaver operates on three “AA” alkaline batteries and DOES NOT need to be connected to the RevitaVet™ main system.  The unit contains 140 visible red 650nm diodes with a generous coverage area.  A seven-foot adjustable strap is provided to wrap around the horse’s girth as well as an 18 inch elastic Velcro strap for additional support around the neck area, will help to keep the unit attached to the horse.  Another way to keep the unit on the horse is simply placing a blanket over the device.  The BackSaver shuts off automatically after thirty (30) minutes.  Application time is usually 10-15 minutes.

Canine IR1


Included with your IR2 will be the following:

  • 1 – Treatment Therapy Pad

  • IR2 Dual Port Controller

  • AC Adapter/Power Supply

  • 1-16”′ Velcro Strap
Carrying Case

Hock Saver Set


Many horses are prone to rear leg injuries and inflammation.  The use of HockSavers has shown to cut the recovery time in half.  Each Hock Saver has 18 visible red diodes at a wave length of 650nm diodes, strategically located to help relieve and prevent problems in one of the most important and hardest worked joints in the horse.


The HockSaver will help prevent potential problems as well as help various lameness and cosmetic problems in the hock. Light emitted from these diodes may also open up the flow of energy in the six meridians that run through the hock. The HockSavers are designed specifically for Left and Right, and should not be interchanged since the structures of the medial (inside) and lateral (outside) aspects of the hock differ. Though your horse’s injury may be only on one side, it is advisable to treat both hocks at the same time, and they are sold in pairs for this reason.  For severe conditions the Hock Saver may be used two or three cycles per day.

Hoof Sock


Use with a poultice, hoof pack or other hoof medicines. NO more duct tape! Use for Punctures, Stone Bruises, Abscesses, Thrush, Severe Cracks and other hoof ailments. The boot is made of Ballistic Nylon, to stand up to the barn experience or of light turnout use.



The HoofPad is an accessory to the IR2 system.   It is an equine device that is designed to deal with most hoof related problems. The pad is made of hard rubber, with 15 embedded 880nm diodes, allowing the horse to safely step on the pad without crushing the diodes yet getting the necessary therapy.  This Davis Barrier boot accessory insures that the horse keeps the hoof on the pad when inserted into the boot, should the horse decide to take a step or lift the foot.  If the hoof is too big for the boot, then it is suggested to simply vet wrap the pad to the hoof.  (IR2 Controller Unit Sold Separately)

Poll Cap™


The Poll Cap™ is a hands-free device, self contained, “AA” battery powered, used for the treatment of the poll region.  It is a very effective tool for calming hoses down.  The device can be used for frontal sinuses, TMJ, first and second vertebra as well as primary acupuncture points in the area.

RevitaVet Back Pad Complete


The RevitaVet Back Pad Complete  is being sold with the RevitaVet’s IR2 infrared therapy controller that will relaxes muscles, tendons and ligaments and provides arthritis pain relief naturally.  Non invasive and ideal for large areas as such as back, shoulder, hip, neck, stomach, etc.  The Back Pad, due to it’s size that covers a large area, has been used for some colic problems.  By placing the pad under the belly, the circulation that is being applied to the area helps with the pain relief which helps with gastrointestinal tract. Please note that this technology is not a substitution for surgery.

Popular tool of Show Cattle therapists.

** The Back Pad is being sold as an independent therapy package with the RevitaVet’s IR2 Controller, battery pack and outlet cord. 

** If you want to order just the Backpad for your existing IR2 unit, please email Debbie with that request. 

** Pricing for just the Back Pad is $649.00

RevitaVet IR2


Included with your IR2 will be the following:

RevitaVet IR2™
2 Treatment Therapy Pads
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Electrical Charger
AC Adapter/Power Supply
7′ Velcro Elastic Body Strap
2, 1′ Velcro Elastic Leg Straps
Carrying Case & Holster

IR2 Complete


Included with your IR2 Complete will be the following:

RevitaVet IR2™
2 Treatment Therapy Pads
Rechargeable Battery Pack
Electrical Charger
AC Adapter/Power Supply
7′ Velcro Elastic Body Strap
2, 1′ Velcro Elastic Leg Straps
Carrying Case & Holster

Tendon Saver


The Tendon Saver is designed for the treatment and maintenance of shin splints and other issues with the lower leg. Use this item for the hands-free treatment of cannon bone and splint bone injuries as well as for injuries of the flexor tendons and suspensory ligament. The TendonSaver can be used on any of the four legs, as well as for problems in the back, sore hamstrings, neck problems, etc. The elastic accommodates use on the inner gaskin since this area is commonly sore in performance horses.

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